Reproduction1 - Genes are inherited in pairs Different...

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Every 28 days: Egg cell leaves ovary and enters fallopian tube Intercourse w/fertile male: seminal fluid w/300-450 million sperm cells enter female 5K to 20K sperm cells make it to fallopian tube Fertilization: sperm and egg cells share genetic material The zygote The trip to the uterus Structural changes in fallopian tube In uterus: The blastocyst Inner cell mass – stem cells, will develop the full person Implantation READ CHAPTERS 1 AND 2 46 chromosomes arranged in 23 pairs Chromosomes: threadlike structures made up of DNA molecules Genes: Segments of DNA that provide instructions for development From Genotype to Phenotype Genotype : the sum total of all the genes that you have (genetic potential)
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Unformatted text preview: Genes are inherited in pairs Different versions of a gene = alleles Phenotype: the sum total of genes expressed (genetic expression in contrast to potential) You are a carrier of your unexpressed genes How does the zygote end up with 46 chromosomes? Two processes of cell production: Mitosis Duplication of genetic material – creates body/somatic cells (not sex cells) – happens everywhere throughout body throughout life Meiosis: Splitting of genetic material (in gonads special 46 chromosome cells waiting to split genetic material to make egg and sperm cells, found only in ovaries and testes)...
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Reproduction1 - Genes are inherited in pairs Different...

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