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Are you registered for: (circle one) 2-3 o’clock class 3-4 o’clock class Name: EID: Worksheet #1 “Designer Babies: Eugenics Repackaged or Consumer Options?” Introduction to Child Psychology Fall, 2008 Due in class Friday, September 12 Type your responses to the following 3 questions. Always respond with your own words, not the article’s. Be concise but include enough information to reveal the depth of your consideration for each question. 1. Conduct an internet search using ‘eugenics’ as your search term. Paste the url of a site that you think has the best explanation. This Wikipedia article offers an in-depth discussion of the history of genetics, as well as the different and changing social and cultural attitudes toward it. It discusses the controversies involved and various perspectives on the subject. What does this site say is a ‘pro’ of eugenics? A ‘con’? One “pro” that the Wikipedia article cites is the possibility of reducing the occurrence or even eliminating certain genetic diseases and “defects” that are usually fatal. Another argument the authors put forward for eugenics is that it offers children better opportunities to succeed in life by removing obstacles that might hinder them. A third argument cites a study supposedly conducted (although it fails to give the appropriate credit to the authors) that purportedly demonstrated that a rise in IQ was accompanied by a significant decline in poverty and other negative socioeconomic circumstances. Finally, the article points out different
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