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Study Guide for Lectures 38-40; Exam 4 – MMG 301 Fall 2006 Immunology and Host Defense Mechanisms [Lecture 38] Vocabulary : epithelium, antigen, phagosome, pathogen-associated molecular patterns, T-cell receptors, cytokines, immunologic memory, tolerance, immunogens, epitope, active immunity, passive immunity, artificial immunity, superantigen Concepts : what are the differences between adaptive and innate immunity what are the major components of blood; what is an important involved in clotting; how is lymph different from blood what are stem cells and where are they located in the body what subtypes of T cells are there what are the functions of B cells and of myeloid cells how do phagocytes kill pathogens; what chemical species are produced by phagocytes to accomplish this review the roles of T C , T H 1, and T H 2 cells in adaptive immunity; what role do antibodies play how does specificity differ for adaptive and innate immunity
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