Chapter 5 Integumentary System

Chapter 5 Integumentary System - Integumentary System A...

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Integumentary System - A system that is composed of several different organs, including the skin I. Components 1. Accessory structures (hair, nails, glands: located in “dermis” and protrude the epidermis) 2. Skin (epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer) II. Functions 1. Protection- protects body from abrasion/ heat/ cold 2. Excretion- sweat- the movement of the substance from the inside of your body to the outside- crosses some sort of membrane or tissue 3. Regulation/maintenance of body temperature- the ability to allow blood to flow to the skin or cut off blood flow – when body wants to retain heat it constricts blood vessels 4. Metabolism of vitamin D a. Sun – vitamin D steroid that is converted to hormone calcitrol – takes calcium from blood 5. Fat storage – thermoregulation/ contours body/ energy storage 6. Reception of external stimuli- nervous system brings in information and tells you what you are experiencing- skin contains receptors that translate sensations into signals III. Structure: the epidermis 1. Most cells are Keratinocytes 2. Layers: Stratified squamous epithelium a. Stratum germinativum – contains stem cells and some Merkel cells (touch receptors)- a.A. Regenerates epidermis a.B. Dermal Papillae: dermal projections or ridges that increase the bond of the epidermis and dermis (also have subsequent effects of increase friction/grip b. Stratum spinosum – may continue to divide; form cell-to-cell connections-
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Chapter 5 Integumentary System - Integumentary System A...

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