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Sociology of Gender SOC/WST 247 Test #1 – Review Sheet The first midterm exam will include questions based upon chapters 1, 2, 4, and 7 of the Renzetti and Curran book as well as part III (pp.75-159) of Schneir’s Feminism. You should pay particular attention to the following details in your readings; however, please be advised that this list is not exhaustive! Renzetti and Curran Chapter 1 1. Concepts: Gender -social category – masculinity/femininity Paradigm -school of thought that guides the scientist in choosing the problems to be solved, selecting the methods, and explaining what is found Power -ability to impose one’s will on others -control largest share of societal resources ie money and property 2. Sociological perspectives. (The time they dominated American sociology; their main assumptions and their position on the origins of gender). The feminist perspective The functionalist perspective 3. The first wave of feminism in the US -Gerda Lerner- first wave from 1830-1920 -protested against patriarchal oppression -1900s-calling for equal rights -july 19 1848- Seneca falls-led by mott and Stanton -Declaration of Sentiments -during the civil war, women devoted time and energy -after, Anthony argued that they should be rewarded for their support-> right to vote - congress didn’t grant equal rights and added sex distinction “male” in 14 th amendment -then she tried to fight state by state -formed American woman suffrage association- enfranchise women and blacks Chapter 2 1. What determines the sex of a child? -chromosomes -XX female, XY male
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2. Genetic abnormalities (biological, psychological and social characteristics of individuals). Adrenogenital syndrome -caused by a malfunction in mom’s or fetus’s adrenal glands -genetic sex is female and was exposed to androgens in womb after internal reproductive organs had developed -androgens have a masculinizing effect on external genitals Androgen-insensitive syndrome -XY fetus has a genetic defect that causes it to be unresponsive to androgen its testes secrete -referred to “XY females” b/c although they have sex chromo. Of males, they are born with external genitalia of females. -look like girls at birth Turner’s syndrome -XO -don’t produce sex chromosomes, exaggerated femininity XYY men -extra y, high institutionalization, incarceration rates b/c it was hypothesized that an extra y chromo. Would lead to elevated T lvls -> increase likelihood of aggressive -tend to look unusually tall thus they look dangerous and biasing officials toward arresting, convicting and institutionalizing 3. Sex differences in the organization of the brain. -men’s brains are larger than women’s brains, but men lose brain tissue three times faster -MRI- shows men’s brains glowing in frontal center on left side as they worked whereas women’s brains glowed on both sides 4. Theories of gender development. a. biological determinism
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test 1 -- review sheet - Sociology of Gender SOC/WST 247...

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