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Physics 2213 Homework #9 Fall 2008 Read: Chapter 24, intro., sections 24.1, 24.2; AND Chapter 26, section 26.4 For study: Chap. 24: Q's #Q24.2, 6, 7, 8; E's & P's: #24.2, 9, 13, 18, 19 Chap. 26: Q's #Q26.19, 21; E's & Ps: #26.38, 41, 43, 83 To be prepared for your 2nd recitation class the week of October 27-31: #24.59 [Capacitor Network] #24.60 [Throw the Switch] #24.66 [Capacitor + Metal Slab] #26.39 [Discharging Capacitor] 1. [Global Atmospheric Capacitor] In problem #1 on HW #7, we found that there is an electric potential difference of roughly 3.0 x 10 5 V between the ionosphere and ground due to a downward electric field that varies with height and a global layer of surface charge on the ground of roughly -6.1 x 10 5 C. We also found that this potential difference drives a downward global electric current of roughly 1300 A, and the resistance of the atmosphere between the ground and ionosphere is roughly 230 Ω . Let's now think about the capacitance of this system. (a) If we model the ground + ionosphere simply as two concentric spherical conductors of radii a and b (> a) with charges -Q and +Q and with vacuum in the region in-between them, what is the electric field in this region as a function of distance r from the center of the system? What is the electric field outside of this region?
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HW__9_P213_F08 - Physics 2213 Read Homework#9 AND Chapter...

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