F07 314 HW01 all - EECS 314 Homework # _ Fall 2007...

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EECS 314 Homework # _______ Fall 2007 Discussion section # __________ Designed by Alexander Ganago ___________________ (student’s last name, legibly, in ink) ___________________ (student’s first name, legibly, in ink) Honor code statement: "I have neither given nor received aid on this homework, nor have I concealed any violation of the Honor Code." __________________________ (student’s signature) Homework rules: 1. Use this cover page. Write your name. Sign the Honor code statement. 2. Use the following pages to write your answers and solutions. Write your name in ink on top of every page of your HW Your work should be well organized! 3. Do not try to jam all solution on one page. Add pages as needed. Clearly write the problem # on each workspace page and on each additional page. Staple all pages before turning in this homework. 4. Write legibly. Show your work. Box your answers. 5. Unless your answer is an integer, keep 4 significant digits. Also, keep 4 significant digits in intermediary results. 6. Unless the assignment explicitly tells you NOT to show your work, correct answers without correct solutions bring no credit. Messy work brings no credit. 7. Late work is not accepted. HW is due at the beginning of the Thursday lecture. 8. Study sample solutions of HW problems to prepare for the exams. Sample solutions will be posted on the course web site. 9. If you find errors in sample solutions, promptly notify the instructor by e-mail. 10. Grading scheme: each problem costs 25 points each conceptual error - minus 5 points; negligence - 3 pts, calculation error - 2 pts (see Grading policy for details) Grader: Please be strict. Use these rules wisely. They train students well for all future careers.
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EECS 314 Alexander Ganago January 2, 2007 Grading policy for homework Lack of work – all points are deducted for the skipped problem or its part Insufficient work shown by the student (such as 1 equation written out of the 3 necessary) might bring 1 point for effort (see Comment 2 below) but it is not guaranteed. Conceptual errors – 5 points off Wrong use of KVL, KCL, passive sign convention Addition of variables that have different units (such as volts + amps) Neglect to take into account currents and/or voltages in the circuit Wrong use of supernode, supermesh Unjustified assumptions such as “current through voltage source equals zero” Mixing resistances and conductances in the same sum of terms Mixing time-domain and s-domain variables in the same sum of terms Negligence – 3 points off Neglect to denote the reference node before doing nodal analysis Neglect to label mesh currents, including their directions Mismatch of notations on the circuit diagram and in the equations (including lower-case and upper-case variables such as v 1 on the diagram and V 1 in the equations: notice that lower-case variables belong in time domain while upper-case are in s-domain) Neglect to explain that certain currents or voltages are equal to zero due to the
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F07 314 HW01 all - EECS 314 Homework # _ Fall 2007...

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