seimology - EW=fft(y3,nt) TD=1/fc+0.05*R Twin=2*TD fmax=50

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Sheet1 Page 1 nt= y=randn(1,nt) ymean=mean(y) y1=y-ymean ystd=std(y1) y2=y1./ystd e=0.2 et=0.05 a=exp(1)/e b=-e*log(et)/(1+e*(log(e)-1)) t=0:nt Wt=a*t^b.*exp(-c*t) y3=y2.*Wt R=28.2 %km Bs=3.4 %km/s Dxi=1e7 %dyn/cm2 ro=2.67 % Mw=7.74 Mo=10^((Mw+10.7)*3/2) fc=4900000*Bs*(Dxi/Mo)^(1/3)
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Unformatted text preview: EW=fft(y3,nt) TD=1/fc+0.05*R Twin=2*TD fmax=50 nto=round(log(2*fmax*Twin)/log(2)) nw=nt/2 dt=Twin/nt df=1/Twin Am=abs(EW)*dt f=df*(1:nw) S1=mean(Am^2) SF=sqrt(S1) SA=Am./SF SObs=SA*f Ts=ifft(SObs,nw) Tse=Ts(1:nw/2)*df...
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