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bioquiz2 - Question 1 Individuals resemble their parents...

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Question 1
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Individuals resemble their parents but, in most cases, are not identical to them. Which of the following statements best describes the way that the theory of natural selection applies to these offspring? c The ability of each of a parent's non-identical offspring to survive and produce its own offspring depends on the way its set of inherited characteristics allow it to adapt to the environment in which it finds itself. The ability of each of a parent's non-identical progeny to survive and produce offspring is random. The best fighter among the offspring will most often be the one that survives to reproduce. The theory of natural selection refers only to differences among individuals who are not closely related, not those who come from the same parents. Question 2 Which of the following results is consistent with the hypothesis that all cells come from preexisting cells? When you leave food matter at room temperature for several days, fly larvae and other insects appear on the food matter When milk is left at room temperature for 2 days, it spoils-- compounds appear
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