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Exam 2 Version A - VERSION A ATOC 1050 Exam II Fall 2008...

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VERSION A ATOC 1050, Exam II, Fall 2008 Name: ______________________ Mark the version of the test on your scantron. Multiple choice and True/False. Circle the BEST answer on this paper and darken in the corresponding circle on the scantron for the multiple choice, or circle “T” for “True” and “F” for “False” on your paper and on the scantron. Each correct answer is worth 2 points. 1. Which does NOT pertain to the Blizzard of ’93? a. killed 270 people b. more people were killed by floods and tornadoes than by the blizzard (snow) c. at its lowest, the central pressure was lower than that of Hurricane Andrew d. parts of North Carolina received 5 feet of snow e. NONE of the above, they ALL pertain to the Blizzard of ’93. 2. If an air parcel is displaced vertically in a STABLE environment, what will the parcel do? 3. T . F. Air moves because temperature differences cause density differences which cause pressure differences and the air will move from areas of higher to lower pressure. 4. T. F. Adiabatic expansion/compression results in warming/cooling. 5. T. F . The best tool to use to assess the stability of the atmosphere is a surface pressure map. 6. T . F. The Blizzard of ’93 affected 100,000,000 people. Use the diagram below to answer questions 7. and 8. 7. T. F . According to the CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy) seen above, severe thunderstorms including tornadoes are possible. 8. T . F. According to the SWET (Severe Weather Threat) index, severe thunderstorms including tornadoes are possible. 1
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9. T . F. Absolute vorticity is the combination of the Earth’s vorticity plus relative vorticity. 10. T . F. During both warm and cold occlusion, the colder air cuts underneath the cooler air and forces the warmest air on top of both the cold and cooler air masses. 11. Which quadrant of a hurricane usually causes the most damages? a . right front b. left front c. right rear d. left rear e. none of the 12. T. F. Boulder and Denver’s heaviest snows can occur when a low pressure system that is located in the southeast corner of the state becomes cut off from the jet stream.
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