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Practice Quiz 2 - index value of +9. 5. Which force holds...

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VERSION A ATOC 1050 Quiz 2, Fall 2007 Name: ______________________ MARK THE VERSION OF THE QUIZ ON YOUR SCANTRON. Multiple choice and True/False. Circle the BEST answer on this paper and darken in the corresponding circle on the scantron for the multiple choice, or circle “T” for “True” and “F” for “False” on your paper and on the scantron. DON’T FORGET TO DO BOTH! Each correct answer is worth 5 points. This quiz is worth 50 points. 1. If an air parcel is displaced vertically in an UNSTABLE environment, what will the parcel do? a it will rise b. it will fall back into place c. it will spread out horizontally d . it will remain in its new position e. b. and c. 2. An airmass that is stable that will become unstable if saturation occurs is called _________. a. unstable b. neutral c . absolutely unstable d. stable e. conditionally unstable 3. T . F . A totals total index of 20 indicates a very unstable atmosphere. 4. T . F. A lifted index value of -9 indicates a more unstable atmosphere than a lifted
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Unformatted text preview: index value of +9. 5. Which force holds the atmosphere to the Earth? a. friction b. pressure gradient c. hydrostatic d. Coriolis e. none of the above 6. T . F. Friction is greatest in the Earths boundary layer. 7. The ______ force is zero at the equator and at a maximum at the poles a. hydrostatic b. Coriolis c. friction d. pressure gradient e. gravitational 8. If you want to evaluate the stability of the atmosphere, which of the following weather product(s) would be most helpful? a. radiosonde/rawinsonde sounding b. surface pressure map c. wind profiler d. radar radial velocity image e. ALL of the above would be most helpful Use the Skew-T below to answer questions 9 and 10. 9. T. F . There is a surface capping inversion from the surface up to about 750mb. 10. T. F . the above Skew-T is indicating that the airmass is absolutely stable and therefore there is no chance of a thunderstorm....
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Practice Quiz 2 - index value of +9. 5. Which force holds...

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