Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Matter-Its Properties and Measurement...

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Chapter 1 Matter-Its Properties and Measurement 1. The Scientific Method a) Natural Laws : concise statements about natural phenomena. b) Induction : Form of reasoning in which a general statement or natural law is inferred from a set of observations. c) Hypothesis : A tentative explanation of a natural law. d) Theory : A model of nature that can be used to explain natural laws and make further predictions about natural phenomena. e) Scientific Method : Combination of observation, experimentation, and the formulation of laws, hypotheses, and theories. f) Paradigm : Pattern of thinking about a field. 2. The Properties of Matter a) Matter : Anything that occupies space and displays the properties of mass and inertia. b) Composition : Parts or components of a sample of matter and their relative proportions c) Properties : Qualities or attributes that we can use to distinguish one sample of matter from others. d) Physical Properties and Physical Changes 1) Physical Property: One that a sample of matter displays without changing composition. 2) Malleable : Able to be hammered into a thin sheet of foil. 3) Brittle : Crumbles into a powder when struck. 4) Ductility : Can be drawn into a fine wire. 5) Physical Change: Some physical properties change but composition remains unchanged. e) Chemical Properties and Chemical Change
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1) Chemical change (Chemical reaction): Matter is converted to new kinds of matter with different compositions. 2)
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Matter-Its Properties and Measurement...

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