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Chapter 9 Notes - Chapter 9 The Periodic Table and Some...

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Chapter 9: The Periodic Table and Some Atomic Properties 9.1)Classifying the Elements: The Periodic Law and the Periodic Table a) Periodic law : When the elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic mass, certain sets of properties recur periodically. b) Periodic law proposed by Dmitri Mendeleev and Lothar Meyer in 1869 independently. c) Molar volume : Molar mass x 1/density d) MENDELEEV’S PERIODIC TABLE 1) Left blank spaces in his table for undiscovered elements. e) DISCOVERY OF NEW ELEMENTS 1) Success of Mendeleev’s predictions stimulated chemists to adopt his table fairly quickly. 2) Mendeleev didn’t anticipate the noble gases. 3) William Ramsay discovered the noble gases. f) ATOMIC NUMBER AS THE BASIS FOR THE PERIODIC LAW 1) Mendeleev placed certain elements out of order of increasing atomic mass. 2) 1913, H. G. J. Moseley was able to correlate X-ray frequencies to numbers equal to the nuclear charges. 3) Moseley’s equation = - ν AZ b2 4) Similar properties recur periodically when elements are arranged according to increasing atomic number. g) Description of a Modern Periodic Table: The Long Form 1) Modern periodic tables have 18 groups of elements. 2) Main-group Elements : First two groups (s block) and last six groups (p block) 3) Transition elements : d-block elements. 4) Inner transition elements : f-block elements. 5) Lanthanides : 14 elements following lanthanum.
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6) Actinides : 14 elements following actinium 9.2)Metals and Nonmetals and Their Ions a) Metals: good conductors of heat and electricity, malleable and ductile, and have moderate to high melting points. b) Nonmetals: nonconductors of heat and electricity, usually brittle solids, though some are gasses. c)
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Chapter 9 Notes - Chapter 9 The Periodic Table and Some...

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