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Chapter 4 Notes - CHAPTER 4 CHEMICAL REACTIONS 4.1)Chemical...

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CHAPTER 4: CHEMICAL REACTIONS 4.1) Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equations a) Chemical reaction : Process where one set of substances ( reactants) are converted to a new set of substances ( products). b) Physical Changes for a reaction 1) Color change 2) Formation of a precipitate within a clear solution 3) Evolution of a Gas 4) Evolution or absorption of heat. c) Chemical Equation : formulas for the reactants are written on left side of equation and formulas for the products are written on the right. is between them. d) Reactants YIELD the products. e) Balanced equation : Number of atoms of each element present is the same on both sides of the equation. f) Stoichiometric coefficients: Coefficients required to balance a chemical equation. g) Rules for Balancing Equations 1) An equation can be balanced only by adjusting the coefficients of formulas. 2) Equation must include only the reactants and products known to participate in the reaction.
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3) Never balance an equation by changing a formula.
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