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Name: ____________________ Section #: _______________ Quiz #2 BCH 4054 Logan and Gilmer’s sections 01 and 02 Spring 2006 1. a. (4 points) Write the structures of reactants and products for the two reactions that yield NADPH (abbreviation is OK for this and its products) in the pentose phosphate pathway. b. (2 points) Are the steps from part a) regulated? If so, write below the arrow (or “yields” sign) for your chemical reaction in part a) what biomolecules regulate the steps. Indicate a positive regulator as (+) and a negative regulator as (-). If there are no bioregulators, write “none.” c. (4 points) Briefly (in 1-2 sentences) explain one way in which the NADPH that is generated can be helpful to the cell.
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Unformatted text preview: Name: ____________________ Section #: _______________ 2. (0.5 points per response) Regulating glycogen metabolism: For the enzymes listed on the left, indicate whether the effectors listed across the top DIRECTLY activate (show as +), inhibit (show as -), or have no DIRECT effect (show as 0) on that enzyme activity. Every cell in the table should have an answer; blank cells will be counted as wrong. Glucose G6P Protein kinase A (PKA) + ATP + Mg +2 Phosphoprotein phosphatase Phosphorylase kinase + ATP + Mg +2 Liver glycogen phosphorylase a--Liver glycogen phosphorylase b--+ Glycogen synthase I--Glycogen synthase D + +...
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Quiz2_draft_BCH4054_Sp06_TML - Name: ____________________...

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