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HE1_BCH4054_Sp06-pg - Name Section Hour Exam#1 BCH 4054-01...

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Name: ________________ Section #: _____________ Hour Exam #1 BCH 4054-01 and -02 Gilmer and Logan Spring 2006 We remind you that you are bound by the Academic Honor Code. This means (1) you will not give or receive information during this examination, nor will you consult with unauthorized sources of information; (2) you will not discuss the contents of this examination with students in your own section or the other section of this same course until all students have finished the examination; and (3) you will not tolerate violations of academic integrity on the part of other students. Please sign: ____________________________ Print your name: ________________________ Question # Points available Points earned 1 8 2 23 3 16 4 9 5 10 6 22 7 12 TOTAL 100 Note: In a few problems you have some choices you may make, so only answer the parts you choose to answer. Be sure to read the entire question after you have answered it to be sure you answered all you meant to do.
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Section #: _____________ 1. a. (4 points) In the biosynthesis of glycogen, draw the structures for the reactants (using ring structures) and the products. If one of your starting materials is a polymer, you only need to show the terminal unit that reacts (and show R for the rest of the polymer). If one of your compounds has either an amino acid or nucleic acid base, you may use the three-letter or one-letter abbreviation, respectively, for it, but indicate where it is linked the rest of the structure you draw. b. (2 points) Draw the structure of the proposed intermediate that forms during the reaction. c.
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HE1_BCH4054_Sp06-pg - Name Section Hour Exam#1 BCH 4054-01...

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