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PSY 101 1-8-08 What is Psychology? o Psychology is a word deriving from Greek roots: Psyche – “soul” or “mind” (Greek), “Logos” –word Psychology is the systematic study of behavior and experience (mental  processes) o Is your brain the same thing as the mind? Does this reflect all of  your sensations? o We can define a retinal image (what we see) Is this a result of experience or sensation?  Is this equivalent  to the mind? False memory- report that someone believes to be a memory but does not  correspond to real events o Twenty minutes later, subjects heard words that had been  previously presented with a photo, words previously presented  without a photo, and new words.  Subjects responded by key  pressing if they had previously seen the photo or not o The more blood going to a particular part of the brain- FRI 
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Unformatted text preview: How much oxygen is being used in that space at that time Red areas-higher blood oxygen areas in the brain o Areas of brain after people had reported seeing the picture when in fact it was not there (false memory) Same areas are activated when you do see the picture Imagined and real are much more alike than they are different Lie detectors Error isnt clear in terms of brain activation Maybe ask a number of times in a variety of ways (statistical base) o Gonsalves et al. report activation in brain areas associated with visual imagery Note a high degree of overlap between successful memory encoding and brain activation associated with false memories...
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