P207 Assignment 2 (Fall 2008)

P207 Assignment 2 (Fall 2008) - TA's Name Section Your Name...

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TA's Name:____________________ Section: ____ Your Name: _________________________________ Physics 207, Fall 2008 1 Cornell University Assignment 2 Concepts: motion with constant acceleration free fall proportional reasoning dimensional analysis vectors and scalars addition and subtraction of vectors components of vectors and unit vectors r r , v r , and a r Reading in text: Chapter 2: Sections 1-10; Chapter 3: Sections 1-6; Chapter 4: 1-6 Assignment: Due in lecture on Wednesday, September 10. Please turn in this sheet stapled to the top of your work. A. On-Line Math Warm-Up Problems: If you'd like some practice with the math skills relevant to the work we're doing this week and next, please go to www.blackboard.cornell.edu , log in to the Physics 207 Math Review website, and then do the Unit Tests on Triangles and Vectors, Proportions and Sines and Cosines 1. You can attempt the tests as many times as you like. B. Physics Problems: 1. A CRJ-100 jet plane needs to reach a speed of 360 km/h for takeoff, and requires a minimum runway length for takeoff of 1.8 km. (a) What is the smallest (constant) acceleration (in m/s 2 ) needed for a 1.8 km long runway? What fraction of the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity, g , is this? (Is your answer consistent with your feeling of being pushed into your seat during takeoff?) (b) How long does this takeoff last?
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P207 Assignment 2 (Fall 2008) - TA's Name Section Your Name...

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