P207 Assignment 6 (Fall 2008)

P207 Assignment 6 (Fall 2008) - TA's Name:_ Section: _ Your...

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TA's Name:____________________ Section: ____ Your Name: _________________________________ Physics 207, Fall 2008 1 Cornell University Assignment 6 Concepts: Work done by gravity and an applied force Conservation of mechanical energy Work done by friction Isolated systems and external forces Work done by a spring force Potential energy curves and force Conservative and non-conservative forces Turning points and equilibrium points Path independence of conservative forces Friction and thermal energy Potential energy Conservation of energy Mechanical energy principle of superposition Reading in text: Chapter 7: Sections 6-8; Chapter 8: Sections 1-8. Assignment: Due in lecture on Friday, October 10. Please turn in this sheet stapled to the top of your work. A. On-Line Math Warm-Up Problems: If you'd like practice with the math skills relevent to the work we're doing this week and next, please go to www.blackboard.cornell.edu , log in to the Physics 207 Math Review web site, and then do the tests on Sines and Cosines 2 and Small Changes. B. Physics Problems: 1. Chapter 7, Problem 16 2. A typical car of mass m=1500 kg can accelerate with constant acceleration from v=0 to v=30 m/s in a minimum of 8 s. (a) Sketch v(t), the force on the car F(t), and the power P(t) delivered to the car for t=0 to t=8 s. (b) What is the force acting on the car that accelerates it? (c) What is the car's average speed and the average power delivered to the car for (i) 0-2 s (ii) 2-4 s (iii) 4-6 s and (iv) 6-8 s? (d) The car has a "rated" horsepower of 160 HP, equivalent to ~120 kW.
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P207 Assignment 6 (Fall 2008) - TA's Name:_ Section: _ Your...

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