210 #5 MRT Compromise

210 #5 MRT Compromise - Compromise on Nuclear Proliferation...

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Compromise on Nuclear Proliferation The three of us representing the viewpoints of the system maintainer, system reformer, and system transformer could not agree on a single compromise on the issue of nuclear proliferation, as our views on the world differ greatly from each other’s views, so two compromises were established between the system reformer and system transformer and the system maintainer and system reformer. The system reformer and transformer agree to secure all weapons and place them in an uninhabited area away from civilization where they would remain away from human contact while trying to find an effective way to break them down. A strong international regime of multiple organizations or countries, such as the United Nations will monitor and enforce the spread of nuclear weapons. The reformer also suggested that the IAEA inspect nuclear plants to clarify the exact number of nuclear weapons they have available and also to monitor them. A set of nuclear international laws should also be established, such as:
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