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Case Analysis Q #1

Case Analysis Q #1 - 1 The Case Study Sweating the Swoosh...

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1. The Case Study “Sweating the Swoosh” crosses all four worlds of international relations including: the economic world, the political-military world, the cultural world and the social world. Issues and controversies raised in the economic world include importing Nike shoes and apparel from distributors outside of the United States, the inequality of wages and working conditions and the outsourcing of all footwear production to subcontracting firms that are located in export-processing zones (EPZ). Issues and controversies raised in the political-military world include the government intervention in factories and setting of the minimum wage, the government allowing multinational corporations (MNC) into their markets in order to stimulate economic growth, issues of power and who is in charge and also the organizing of summits when the issue of global sweatshops became much more public. An issue raised in the cultural world is how the
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