Case Study - Toxic Waste in Nigeria

Case Study - Toxic Waste in Nigeria - Was it justifiable...

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Was it justifiable for Italy to dump hazardous waste in Nigeria? Maintainer Reformer Transformer Describe In concern of Italy’s national interest, Kenneth Waltz would say that Italy decided to dump large amounts of toxic waste in a third world country, Nigeria, because it offered an easy solution. Grotius would say that because Italy illegally transported hazardous waste to Nigeria, they violated the human rights of Nigerians. The international community, including Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, stepped in and created rules. There is little control over globalization, so there was a lack of a regime to stop the waste from entering or even to properly label the waste. Because of the imbalance of power between Italy and Nigeria, Richard Falk would argue that illegally transporting waste over established boundaries establishes power and thus leads to animosity between people. Explain Using level II, realist states with hazardous waste will sacrifice human security for national interest. Because
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