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Sarah Barber IR 210 Professor Lamy Analytical Exercise #5 Representing the viewpoint of a system maintainer, the voice of George Kennan greatly appealed to me. He encouraged leaders to focus on national interests and also set up the long-term "containment" of the Soviet Union, and in particular, the re-establishing of a stable balance of power by rebuilding Western Europe and Japan. The main problem is the existence and control of nuclear weapons. When the Soviet Union lost power and broke apart after the Cold War, many sites in the USSR that had contained nuclear materials were separated into many states. These nuclear weapons were spread among the many new multiple states that now had “open societies, open borders, desperate, underpaid nuclear workers, and rampant theft and corruption” (NTI – The Threat). Because of this openness, a “worker at a nuclear facility could simply put enough material for a bomb in a briefcase or under an overcoat and walk out” (NTI – The Threat). This puts states, particularly the United States, in great danger of losing power
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IR 210 NTI - Maintainer View - Sarah Barber IR 210...

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