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IR Analytical Exercise #1

IR Analytical Exercise #1 - Sarah Barber Prof Lamy IR 210...

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Sarah Barber Prof Lamy / IR 210 Analytical Exercise #1 (5 points) Searching for Academic Research Sources (Internet, Library and Real World Resources) 1) a) nuclear proliferation concerns Liberman, Peter. "Israel and the South African Bomb." The Nonproliferation Review 11 (2005): 46-80. b) current foreign policy problems facing sub-Saharan African countries Kynoch, Gary. “Crime, conflict and politics in transition-era South Africa.” African Affairs 104 (2005): 493-514. c) military-security challenges facing European States Smith, Karen. “The Outsiders: The European Neighbourhood Policy.” International Affairs (London) 81 (2005): 757-773. d) human security issues Weeks, Gregory. “Fighting the enemy within: Terrorism, the schools of the Americas, and the Military in Latin America.” Human Rights Review 5 (2005): 12-27. e) nonviolent approaches to resolving international crises DeRouen, Karl R. Jr. and Goldfinch, Shaun. “Putting the Numbers to Work: Implications for Violence Prevention.” Journal of Peace Research 42 (2005): 27-45. f) market responses to global poverty Hatemi-J, Abdulnassar and Irandoust, Manuchehr. “Foreign Aid and Economic Growth: New Evidence from Panel Cointegration.” Journal of Economic Development 30 (2005): 71-80. g) theoretical debates between mainstream and critical theory Rosenberg, Justin. “Globalization Theory: A Post Mortem.” International Politics 42 (2005): 2-74. 2) a) Public views on terrorism “I won’t let the bombers beat me.” BBC News 4 Aug. 2005 “Terror fears among Britons have increased ’17-fold’ since 9/11.” The Scotsman 12 Sept. 2005. Kearney, Simon. “Police alarm on racial profiling.” The Australian 27 Sept. 2005. b) Latin American views on U.S. foreign policy “Brazil raises stakes over cotton.” Tehran Times 26 Sept. 2005. Arrington, Vanessa. “Less U.S. travel prompts Cuba to lash out.” Las Vegas Sun 28 Sept. 2005. Lazcano, Aracely. “No Venezuela, Cuba return for Cuban exile: judge.” Reuters 27 Sept. 2005.
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c) The role of the African Union in Sudan “Army says rebels attack town in Sudan’s Darfur.” The East African Standard 27 Sept. 2005. “Sudanese army drive rebels out of town.” USA Today 21 Sept. 2005.
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IR Analytical Exercise #1 - Sarah Barber Prof Lamy IR 210...

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