IR Review Notes 10-16-05

IR Review Notes 10-16-05 - IR 210 Review#2 Sunday Level II...

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IR 210 Review #2 Sunday, October 16, 2005 Level II – National attributes, domestic, what goes on within the state Level III – interaction of the system, interaction of states, what the interaction creates, Nature of the system if a reformer – regime based, multilateral Maintainer (English School) – see the system as pluralistic, system is an international society, System is not anarchic Informal constraints – traditions, past behavior As you look at the development of the field of IR theory, what factors contribute to the resilience and dominance of realism? Wave Question – think of waves When has realism only been challenged? After most wars or major problems First major challenge to realism – Westphalia was a real challenge to realism First big challenge was WWI – can we have an alternative? Challenges – Grotian moments time to go to a rule based system There wasn’t enough incentives to get the major powers to cooperate (Who goes first?) Resilience is that the key leaders never changes from being realists – They wouldn’t change their world view unless they knew they could keep their power Security, more power Every country is looking for a niche and some area to emphasize their strengths – and they choose a strategy Small powers are left out on the margin and they want to get back in
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IR Review Notes 10-16-05 - IR 210 Review#2 Sunday Level II...

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