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1. Fruit flies are a good choice for study because they are small, easy to store, easy to care for, they’re genetically simple, they have a fast development cycle, and they’re cheap. 2. T.H. Morgan was a geneticist who studied mutations in fruit flies. He led a group that linked chromosomes and heredity. He and his students discovered that genetic material was located on chromosomes. He also wrote a book called The Theory of the Gene . Morgan found that the gene for eye-color in fruit flies is sex-linked and located on the x-chromosome. He observed that only males would obtain this mutation, unless both parents happened to have the mutation and pass it on to their daughter. He made predictions on how he thought the gene may be inherited and found his predictions to be correct a good majority of the time.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. For onion root tips, look at the different stages of the cell cycle. Mitosis- interphase (can’t see chromosomes), prophase (chromosomes condense in blob), metaphase (chromosomes aligned in middle), anaphase (chromosomes pulling apart), telophase (two distinct cells form each with its own nuclei), and cytokinesis (cell splits into 2 daughter cells). 4. Chi-squared tests Independence- comparing 2 patterns (is it the same or different) Goodness of fit- comparing actual counts-Question of probability-Looks at differences between observation and expected values o Is the data significantly different? 5. Prediction figures Inheritance Dominance Autosomal or sexlinked? Recessive or dominant?...
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