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Review Sheet for Exam I: Ecology LBS 144 For chaps 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, the case study and the reading Chap. 50—Ecology Defn ecology What is the central goal of ecology? What are the different areas of studies and the goals of each area? Defn abiotic, biotic Defn climate, weather Why are the tropics warm? Need to understand the way heat moves around the globe…atmospheric circulation, currents. Need to understand how air moves in a circulation cell (hot rises, low pressure…etc) What are the different types of atmospheric cells? How do they affect rainfall? Why do we get seasons? What is a rain shadow? How do currents moderate climate? You should know the 6 major biomes and the temp and rainfall? Which biomes are most productive? You should know what abiotic factors distinguish aquatic habitats? Defn lotic, lentic, pond vs. lake, wetland vs. lake, photic, aphotic, limnetic, littoral, benthic Defn intertidal, neritic, oceanic Defn biogeography Chap. 51 Defn and differences between ultimate and proximate causation of behavior Defn of learning, ethology Defn of fixed action pattern, ex., Ex. of a highly flexible behavior Defn innate, conditional strategy, imprinting, classical conditioning, fitness, cognition, learning What does the crow bending wires to get food experiment show us? What mechanisms can be responsible for proximate causation? Defn of communication
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Review_Sheet_for_Exam_1 - Review Sheet for Exam I: Ecology...

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