MC 201 Anti - • Executive tyranny o Use power to keep...

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MC 201 Anti-Feds 14:43 Burtis was Robert Yates A judge in New York Why write under a pseudonym  o Names of people who were classical greek/romans ideas Beliefs     democrats suspicious of power and federalist solution what the guys in phili did because they went on the mandate open processes in front of the people The states were protecting the rights before the federal governments Opposition to the Constitution     An aggrandizement at the cost of the states o Laws passed are the supreme law of the land o Necessary and proper clause was too broad Judicial tyranny  o In GB the house of lords checked the supreme power of the courts
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Unformatted text preview: • Executive tyranny o Use power to keep power o Council o Executive would have reasonable interests • National Army o That the executive would enforce laws at gun point Would interfere with personal liberties • Too small amount represent a large few • Wanted a written bill of rights o Feds felt that if written down that those only written would only be protected What they would have wanted • A confederation • Mediate between states • If you didn’t have your own property you were not independent o If you were dependent you vote for the will of the elites 14:43 14:43...
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MC 201 Anti - • Executive tyranny o Use power to keep...

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