exam2key - PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY II (CHM4411-02)

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Unformatted text preview: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY II (CHM4411-02) _____________________________________ EXAM II (02/29/2008) (Instructor: O. Steinbock) Your Name This exam consists of 5 pages and 6 questions. The maximal point score is 100. You have 50 min to solve the questions. Show all steps of your calculations. This is an open-book exam. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Question 1: Are the following statements true or false ? If false explain briefly why. (a) All wavefunctions corresponding to different energies of a system are orthogonal. TRUE (b) If the restoring force of a spring were to obey F(x) = k x 4 then the potential energy would be V(x) = k/5 x 5 . TRUE (c) Consider a particle in a one-dimensional box extending from x= L /2 to x=+L /2 ( i.e. , the potential outside of this box is infinity and equals zero within the box). The ground state wave function ( n =1) is ( x ) = (2/ L ) 1/2 cos( x / L )....
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exam2key - PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY II (CHM4411-02)

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