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IOM 431 assgnmt 1

IOM 431 assgnmt 1 - Read"How to Exploit Consumer IT's...

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Read "How to Exploit Consumer IT's Advantage" and prepare short answers to the following questions that we'll be discussing in class: 1) What is consumer technology? Consumer technology is the technology that is developed with the consumer’s interest and preference in mind. This includes things like the iPod and most IM software. Right now consumer technology along with internet are working in unison and having a huge impact on the business world. 2) What does consumerization of IT mean? It is a trend identified by Gartner where technology is trickling up from the consumer markets to enterprises. This is different from the trend in the past where technology was mostly obtained by businesses and the government before trickling down to consumers. It is argued that experience with enterprise technology and consumer-related products would cause an advantage for that vendor. 3) How might such technologies be used in Sales, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management As these technologies develop then it will become easier and more cost effective to
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