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Managing online in perpetual perfect storms: Insights from Indymac Bank In a strong effort to become a powerhouse among mortgage companies Indymac has always tried to implement new technology and products. Their business strategy has been intertwined with IT in order to provide a faster and more alluring lending process for its clients. But in the process of constantly updating its technology it has also encountered some problems created by the same technology which has boosted their business. The gap between the IT people who work with the programs and the actual business people would lead to inefficiencies because the IT people did not really know the concepts behind the business and so could not grasp a way to make a more efficient program. Indymac has solved this problem by hiring IT people who can work good under pressure as well as those who can be taught the basics of business. They have united the two worlds of IT and business through training and other means in order to bridge that gap which used to hold them back. As the company grew so rapidly it also caused instability as is normal with rapid growth. So Indymac had to be constantly changing its objective and goals in order to accommodate not
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