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1.) STA travel is in the travel planning business, just like its name suggests. Recently it decided to take full advantage of the technology resources that are available, primarily the World Wide Web. Knowing that the web has been really influential in connecting people across the world, STA decided use it in order to boost their business. The idea was to move some of its business into the web by creating a virtual and interactive world on the internet, which would give people a sense of the different locations that they could travel to and thus inspire people to travel. By using the web they would also be able to reach a bigger audience of college students and young people. So, several islands were designed in order to first teach people how to interact with the island and second be exposed to advertising within the island which was aimed at inspiring people to travel. The interactive world became known as “Second Life” and began having travel-related events almost immediately. The second life was a big game and advertising tool at the same time. People were
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