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20 Exam 2 Review - Exam 2 NOTE This study sheet lists areas...

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Exam 2 NOTE – This study sheet lists areas that may or may not be covered on the test. The instructor does not guarantee that all question areas on the test are listed on this sheet. The reading assignments shown on the class plan are also included on the test. 1. -What is True, absolute, pressure, density and indicated altitude? 2. - Define indicated, calibrated and true airspeed 3. -How do you convert Daytona Beach EDT to Zulu time and Z to local? 4. -Name the 4 cycles of operation for a combustion engine 5. -What is detonation and what do you do to stop it 6. -What is preignition and what do you do to stop it 7. -What is the range of temp and humidity most likely to produce carburetor icing 8. - What are the advantages and disadvantages of fuel injection systems 9. -Name the pitot/static instruments 10. -What instruments use pitot air 11. -What instruments use static air 12. -What happens when you fly from a high to low pressure area without re-setting the altimeter?
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