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48 Section 05 Review Brett - 8 VOR questions similar to...

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AS 121 Exam 5 review topics Please note---study all of the reading assignments. Not all of the questions/topics on the test are listed here. Be familiar with the following: 1 – What is hypoxia? Describe the 4 kinds of hypoxia. 2 – Visual scanning methods 3 – Night visual scanning and night vision 4 – Spatial disorientation, causes, what to do about it. 5 – Night landings 6 – Landing illusions 7 – Advanced navigation systems
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Unformatted text preview: 8 VOR questions similar to gleim questions (study gleim book section on VOR) 9 ADF questions similar to gleim questions (study gleim book section on ADF) 10 Carbon monoxide poisoning 11 Vestibular disorientation 12 Hazardous attitudes, symptoms, antidotes 13 Human factors 14 Federal Aviation Regulations 15 NTSB 830 16 AIM 17 Advisory Circulars 18 Aeronautical Decision Making...
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