43 Worksheet FAR

43 Worksheet FAR - 1 W-FAR WORKSHEET - Name_ Please answer...

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1 W-FAR WORKSHEET - Name______________________________________________ Please answer the following questions with regard to the FARs. Write or print in your own hand. DO NOT cut and paste or copy word for word. Put the answers in your own words. 1. 91.3 What is the responsibility and authority of the PIC? May the PIC deviate from a rule in an emergency? Does the PIC have to send a written report of the deviation to the Administrator? Explain. 2. 91.7 Who is responsible for determining the airworthiness of an aircraft before flight? 3. 91.9 If there is not an Airplane Flight Manual what manual material must be available in the aircraft? 4. 91.11 Who may assault or threaten a crewmember aboard an aircraft that is being operated? 5. 91.13 May you operate an airplane in a careless or reckless manner? 6. 91.15 May you drop objects from an airplane in flight? 7. 91. 17 How long must you wait after consuming alcohol to act as a crewmember of civil aircraft? Are you required to submit to a blood alcohol test when requested by a law enforcement officer? 8. 91.19 May you operate a civil aircraft within the United States with knowledge that narcotic drugs or marihuana is being carried on the aircraft? 9.
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43 Worksheet FAR - 1 W-FAR WORKSHEET - Name_ Please answer...

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