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metar - P ON DEMETR REL METAR(Meteorological Airport Report...

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Unformatted text preview: P ON: DEMETR . . REL METAR (Meteorological Airport Report) NNNN DDTTTTZ AUTO)(COR or CCA) dddffGnnKT vaM (Rnna/VBBBB) X CCChhh(NN) tt/dd Apppp R K (remarks) = , NNNN - 4 letter ICAO location indicator DDTTTTZ — Date and Time of observation followed by Z (Zulu) --T5_:_____included if HETAR 1s fr m an automatic, ASOS station égR - correction to observation (CCA for Canada? ddd — Wind direction in tons of degrees, VRB means variable; if direction varies 60 degrees or more, variability is appends ed, e.g. 180V260 ff — 1nd speed in knots (meters per second or kilometers per hour) Gnn — Wind gusts in knots meters per second or kilometers per hour vv — Visibility in statute miles (SM) in the 0.5. (KM worldwide) R — Runway nn — Two d Yflit runway d signator a — Left ( r1ght(( (R or can er (C) runway as needed v — M(lower)1gher ind cates that R R 1value is either lower or h1gher‘ than t e RVR re ortabl e values. 3333 — Runway visual range in tmeters( set for the U. S.) Ran e value ‘ may be followed by a trend D — down, U — up, N 1 no c ange, v - variable) X — Weather and/or obstruction to v131b111ty CCC — Cloud cover — sk cl at or CL clea below 12 000 feet for automatic stat sons), DEW (g1 -g octas§,s ( {M oct tas) BKN (5-7 octas , or octas) Note: 14 oct a = i/Bth hhh — 3— —dig1t cloudh heig ht 01D hundreds of feet - obscured sky results in this indicatord bein omitted , height in hundredsc ofr feet unknown height rem rted as Z/ ; (more than one a or ma fiported (NN) — Cloud type, either C (towering cumulusxor onimbus) tt’ 7— Temperature in whole degrees Celsius Mtt = belowo 0C} dd — Dew paint 1n whole degrees Ce151us Mdd = belowo A - Indicator for altimeter setting in hundreths of inches (U. S. only Q - Indicator for altimeter setting in hecto Pascale pppp - Altimeter setting RMK — Remarks consisting of recent ogerationally significant weather as well as additive an automa maintenance data (mainly used in the U. S. and Canada = — denotes end of report tt‘k*1!thkxktkkttfittirkki'ttkkktkttitk'k‘kitK*k****k***tt*******t********tt*t***ktti Qualifier IntensityéProximit _ no s1gng Moderate + Heavy VC — gVicinity w1th1n 000 meters but not at airport) Descriptor . . MI — Shallow BC — Patches DR — Drifting TS — Thunderstorm BL — Blowing SH — Shower FZ — Freezing PR — Part1al Weather Phenomena Precipitation _ DZ - Drizzle RA — Rain SN — Snow 56 - Snow grains IC - Ice crys als PL — Ice pellets GR - Hail GS — Small hailé UP — Unknown automatic station only) snow pell e s Obgfiurafiion PG Fog PU S ke VA V 1 ‘ h — is - — mo — o canic as SA — Sand HZ - Haze BY — Blow1ng spray DU — Widespread Dust . other , (Note: BCBR & MIBR are not valid) 38 quall SS — Sandstorm DS - Duststorm P0 ~ Dust devils - Funnel cloud(s)/tornado/waterspout (METAR decode continued) Remarks - one or more remarks may appear in the following order: (The more frequent remarks are highlighted by '*') Volcanic eruption Tornadic act1v1t (B/E_(hh mmI LDC DIR_ (MOV) ———> time past previous hr : Typk Wf gutsma§§n _§§3t%?£“ > time past revious hour a in ——— * Wind Shif hhfmms } SPAM )—-—> time past previous hour - Tower V151b1m1t Y ”m VI VVVVV) Sur ace V131b1 i C VIS _vvvvv Variable Prevaili t? (Vie bility (V1S_ vvvvv_ [LDC] Sector Visibilityn VIS DIR] vvvvv) V131b111ty at second locationL 3VIS_ vvvvv _{LOC * Ligh ht ing Yél FRE ] LTGt E—-—> e. gREQ LTGCGCCICCA N—W * Hegin cpn w w ——— ime pa est prev10us hour * Begin] End Thunderst term? £53 hh hmmE lhhémm:4 ——-> ime past previous hour * Thunderstorm locati n HOV DI * Hailst as size size _---> e. g. * Virga VIRGA (0% Variab e_Ce11'ingw e 3% CIG hthhhh) Obs uration huh; NN hh)_ V _NNN s Var able Sky ConditioNH 3g§1i§1°fi§§g§%°§2 3% 6E0 ation CIG_ hhh [LOC Pressure Rising Rap idl ?PRBSSRRéoor_Pa1I1ng Rapidly (PRESFR) Sea—level Eressu e AZfiSLMgBB or S PNO ) Aircraft misha No SPEC! re orgsA taken (NO PBCI) Snow increaging ra idly‘ (SNINCR_ [inchggihr/inches on ground] other Significant nformation, e g. a» a- * Hourlg6 Precipitation Amount in hund eths f inches (Prrrr) * 3— an 6-hour precipitation amount 6rrrr ———> onl gz every 3 hours * 24 — hour precipitati on amount (7rrrr ———> only at 1 * Snowd ep on the ground in inches 4 see) ——-> mandatory at 122 * Water equivalent 0 snow on ground 9 3rrr3 —-—> man datogy at 182 e.g. 9 3012 ———> . water Cloud Types éB/CICmCh) * Yesterd uration of sunshine in minutesd (98mmm) -——> only at 082 * Hourly temperature and dew point in tenth de r es C SnTTTSnDDD) * 6—hour maximum temperature in tenths degrees lsnTT ---> every 6 hrs * 6— hour minimum temperature in tenths degrees Cd ZSnTTT ———> every 6 hrs * 24—hour max/min teem erature for revious calendar day in tenths de rees C (4SnTTTSn dTT) ~—-> at ocal midnight( varies3 for time zones) * 3— our pressure tendency eggs) ——-> mand a r! every hours * Sensor status indicators RV PWINO PN FRANO, TSNO, VISNO_ LOC, CHINO_ LDC, mi? * Maintenance check indicator ($ 0 0 0 9 / 0 M M3637KT SN 7 28 H OFT +SN BR 0V 0 M TWR VI SLP401 SNINCRC12& 0226M53 T1 57084 FZR NO TSO me H\¢ R014 300V13 NBO PRESPR 112 6 2123 NUJH S 4 2 R observation from Albany NY Date and dTime of observat' on is Zulu on the 14th dag7k of Ythe month, .Wind is rom 050 de rees at note Wlth a gust t _ knots Visibi ity is measured 16t statute Current weather is heav snow and ligh is overcast cloud height of 200 fee The temperature e grees Celsius . "Thed Eoint is —23 degrees CelsiuA — aria Alti me ter sett ng .69 . REMAR . human observer present ower Visibilit i194 te mil e- he snow began (SNBO7) at 1107 re sure is fal 1y (PRESFR i. sea level pressure 10401MRZSLP 011" of snow1 hour and 1 snow on the ground (SNINCR 1/ 03;,1snow cover 10" 4n g010 ; ' water equivalent P000 in past hour; 0.16 past Ethoursd 6016 ; ' in past C(g4 hours 70025 ; current temp —20. 6 flé 1206. UR» mfl+d we fiHflw rmWHr Out: on - OOHmwmtaNHz -mmnmlppuum —. Heoom 43an t -22 8C 1228)2 — hour maximum tempp( (11206 minimum temp 1239;—§ 69 C (—11 F); pressure ten ency —8. MB ‘falling steadil 084 free21ng rain indicator not operation gthunderstorm in icator not operating (TSNO); maintenance needed '56 -0- in 26 — hour HF”) “"65 vg ...
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