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38 Section 4 Review - Range and endurance o TFD • Cross...

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AS 121 Review for Test 4 Note—bring all materials for doing a cross country flight plan, you will need your sectional, plotter, flight computer, Pilot Information Manual, and your C-172 manual. Please note---study all of the reading assignments. Not all of the questions/topics on the test are listed here. Be familiar with the following: Weight and Balance theory and calculations o Including weight shift formulas o Terms o Use of the C-172 PIM graphs and tables Performance charts and calculations o Density altitude o Takeoff and Landing Performance o Crosswind/Headwind Component Calculations o Climb Performance o Engine Performance o Cruise Performance o
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Unformatted text preview: Range and endurance o TFD • Cross country flight planning • The route for the cross country on the test is from Deland-Taylor Airport (29-04 N Lat 81-17 W Long) to Zephyrhills Airport (28-14 N Lat 82-09 W Long). • Navigation formulas • Hemispheric altitude rules • Pilotage • Dead Reckoning • The Power Curve • Use of your flight computer • How to contact FSS o In the air o On the ground • The airport symbols and airport information on the sectional chart • How to complete a navigation log • How to complete a flight plan • Capacities and limitations of the C-172 pertinent to this material...
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