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PAM 2100 lecture 1 Fall 2008 Problem Set #4 Posted: October 9 th , 2008 Due: October 23 th , Thursday, 2008, in class From the textbook, solve the following problems: 4.21 4.22 4.34 4.42 4.44 Round your final answers to four decimal places, if necessary. Also solve the following problem: Dugout Lou thinks that the probabilities for the American League Baseball champion are as follows: The Yankees have probability 0.6 of winning. The Red Sox and Angels
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Unformatted text preview: have equal probability of winning. The Athletics and White Sox also have equal probabilities, but their probabilities are one-third that of the Red Sox or Angels. No other team has a chance. What is Lou’s assignment of probabilities to teams? Round your final answers to four decimal places if necessary....
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