jumpsheet - ; jumps when dest == src JZ eqq ; jumps when...

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MSP430 Assembly Jump Cheat Sheet CMP  src, dest ; performs dest-src JGE  sGrt ; jumps when signed dest >= signed src JL   sLess ; jumps when signed dest < signed src JHS  uhi ; jumps when UNsigned dest >= Unsigned src JLO  uLo ; jumps when UNsigned dest < Unsigned src JEQ  eqq
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Unformatted text preview: ; jumps when dest == src JZ eqq ; jumps when dest == src JNE neq ; jumps when dest != src JNZ neq ; jumps when dest != src JMP mmm ; always jump br #top ; always branch (unlimited range)------------tst dest ; compares dest to 0...
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