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1 1 5 points Circle the trehalose structure, which is formed by an α,α(11) linkage between two glucose units. 2 7 points Complete the sentences by filling in ‘Starch’, ‘Cellulose’, ‘Glycogen’, or ‘Chitin’. Chitin consists of N-acetylglucosamine residues Starch is a storage form of fuel for plants Glycogen functions in fuel storage in animals cells Chitin provides structural support for animals, most conspicuously in the exoskeleton of arthropods Glycogen is the storage form of glucose in animals Cellulose provides structural support for plants Starch is made up of two glucose poly saccharides: amylose and amylopectin BCHE 5180/6180 Name: Spring 2016 test 3 Dr. E. C. Duin AUsername:
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