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- 1 - Protein Purification Pre Activity Assignment Make a reading outline for those sections in the class slides/notes and your text that discuss biochemical techniques (Section 3.3 and p. 179 in Nelson/Cox or Section 5.2 in Garrett/Grisham). Pay attention to the following techniques: Purification Ammonium sulfate precipitation Chromatography - Gel filtration/size exclusion (same thing, just two different names) - Ion exchange - Hydrophobic interaction - Affinity chromatography Detection Absorption spectroscopy Gel electrophoresis (Determining the MW and number of subunits in a protein). - SDS and native gels - Isoelectric focusing Protein assays Immunological methods (These methods use antibodies). - ELISA - Western immunoblotting To get more at home with some of these techniques and how they are displayed and represented in papers you can look at some of the animations available online. GE healthcare has several animations covering different types of chromatography: or .
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