Bio311c Exam1 Form A-Fall2005

Bio311c Exam1 Form A-Fall2005 - BIO 311c Exam 1 K...

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Unformatted text preview: BIO 311c Exam 1 K. Sathasivan Fall 2005 1 BIO 311 c Introductory Biology I K. Sathasivan Fall 2005 EXAM 1 – FORM A NAME _____________________________________ EID __________________ Discussion section Registered (Day and time) ____________________. • Write your name, Eid, course # and discussion # registered on scantron form and on the exam paper. • After completion, return the scantron form and exam paper to the proper discussion section that you are registered in. • If you have comments on any of the questions, please write them in this page and submit. S i g n a t u r e BIO 311c Exam 1 K. Sathasivan Fall 2005 2 Read each question carefully and completely before you select the best answer for questions 1-52 and fill in the appropriate blank in the scantron form with a #2 pencil. Each question is worth 2.0 points. Answer all the 52 questions. The best 50 questions will be considered for a maximum of 100 points. 1) Which of the following sequences represents the hierarchy of biological organization from the least to the most complex level? A) ecosystem, cell, population, tissue, organism, organ system B) organelle, tissue, biosphere, ecosystem, population, organism C) molecule, cell, organ system, population, ecosystem, biosphere D) cell, community, population, organ system, molecule, organelle E) organism, community, biosphere, molecule, tissue, organ 2) In order to understand the chemical basis of inheritance, one must understand the molecular structure of DNA. This is an example of the application of ________ to the study of biology. A) reductionism B) evolution C) feedback regulation D) emergent properties E) the cell theory 3) What are the two classifications of prokaryotes? A) domain Bacteria and kingdom Monera B) domain Bacteria and domain Eukarya C) domain Bacteria and domain Archaea D) domain Archaea and kingdom Monera E) domain Eukarya and kingdom Monera 4. You are conducting an experiment to develop a new drug against streptococcus bacteria. Which of the following will be considered as a positive control? A) testing all the new antibiotics from plant origin on streptococcus. B) testing new antibiotics from fungal origin on streptococcus. C) using water instead of any antibiotics in the medium. D) testing the currently used antibiotics that control streptococcus E) by killing the bacteria with warm water. 5. In terms of the hierarchical organization of life, an E. coli is __________ level of organization, whereas wheat is at the __________ level of organization. A) only at the tissue ... multicellular organism B) only at the organelle ... unicellular organism C) at the cell and organism ... multicellular organism D) only at the cell ... organism E) only at the organelle ... cell and multicellular organism Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question....
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Bio311c Exam1 Form A-Fall2005 - BIO 311c Exam 1 K...

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