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HW1 problems

HW1 problems - Note...

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Note: These problems are from your 5 th edition of the textbook. The due date is Tuesday, July 8 th , 2008. No late homework accepted. Chapter 13, Problem 25C. Consider a rigid tank that contains a mixture of two ideal gases. A valve is opened and some gas escapes. As a result, the pressure in the tank drops. Will the partial pressure of each component change? How about the pressure fraction of each component? Chapter 13, Problem 40. A rigid tank contains 1 kmol of Ar gas at 220 K and 5 MPa. A valve is now opened, and 3 kmol of N 2 gas is allowed to enter the tank at 190 K and 8 MPa. The final mixture temperature is 200 K. Determine the pressure of the mixture, using ( a ) the ideal-gas equation of state and ( b ) the compressibility chart and Dalton’s law. Figure P13-40 Chapter 13, Problem 41. Reconsider Prob. 13–40. Using EES (or other) software, study the effect of varying the moles of nitrogen supplied to the tank over the range of 1 to 10 kmol of N 2 . Plot the final pressure of the mixture as a function of the
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