BIO311c Exam2 Fall2005

BIO311c Exam2 Fall2005 - BIO 311c Old Exam 2 K Sathasivan...

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BIO 311c Old Exam 2 K. Sathasivan 1 BIO 311 c Introductory Biology I K. Sathasivan OLD EXAM 2 Read each question carefully before you select the best answer for questions 1-52 and fill in the appropriate blank in the scantron form with a #2 pencil. Each question is worth 2.0 points. Answer all the 52 questions. The best 50 questions will be considered for a maximum of 100 points. 1) The first genetic material was most likely a(n) A) protein enzyme. B) RNA polymer. C) DNA polymer. D) structural protein. E) carbohydrate. 2) The genetic material that was considered to have formed first because of the fact that A) It was easily formed and broken B) it can act as a template for replication C) it can act as a enzyme to replicate itself and make other polymers. D) both B and C are correct E) None of these choices are correct Use the following information on chemical evolution leading up to and including the formation of living matter during the early history of Earth. Below are 2 pairs of events that might have occurred during this period. Select one of the choices given below based on the relative time of each of these pairs of events given in questions 3 and 4. A. Event I occurred before Event II. B. Event II occurred before Event I. C. Events I and II occurred simultaneously. D. No such events occurred E. It does not matter which happened first 3) Event I: photosynthetic (phototrophic) cyanobacteria came into existence Event II: chemosynthetic(autotrophic) bacteria came into existence 4) Event I: formation of simple hydrocarbons Event II: formation of protobionts 5) Approximately how far does the bacterial fossil record extend back in time? A) 6,000 years B) 3,500,000 years C) 6,000,000 years D) 3,500,000,000 years E) 5,000,000,000,000 years 6) Miller and Urey’s experiment proved that A) complex organic polymers can be formed from simple monomers. B) amino acids can join form enzymes and DNA. C) liposomes are spontaneously formed from lipids. D) DNA and RNA can be formed from simple sugars and proteins. E) amino acids or sugars can be formed from water, methane, nitrogen and hydrogen.
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BIO 311c Old Exam 2 K. Sathasivan 2 7) Which of the following is the correct sequence of events in the origin of life? I. Formation of protobionts II. Synthesis of organic monomers III. Synthesis of organic polymers A) III, II, I B) I, II, III C) III, I, II D) I, III, II E) II, III, I 8. How long ago did the multicellular eukaryotes start to appear on earth? A) 2,500,000 years ago B) 3,500,000 years ago C) 4,500,000 years ago D) 1,000,000,000 years ago E) 3,000,000,000 years ago For the following questions 9-11, use the given Table and answers. Each answer may be used once, more than once, or not at all. A) Eubacteria only
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BIO311c Exam2 Fall2005 - BIO 311c Old Exam 2 K Sathasivan...

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