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Unformatted text preview: Rolling Words The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor. ... I leave Sisyphus at the foot of the mountain! One always finds one’s burden again. But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. He too concludes that all is well. This universe henceforth without a master seems to him neither sterile nor futile. Each atom of that stone, each mineral flake of that night filed mountain, in itself forms a world. The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. Albert Camus LIST 1 rhetoric ['retərɪk] Barron Fav NYT Fav ethic ['eθɪk] NYT Fav ethicist - speech or writing that communicates its point persuasively - complex or elaborate language that only succeeds in sounding pretentious N. 修辭學;辯論法;雄辯術;華麗的文詞;花言巧語;辯才;修辭學書 Also:rhetorical:帶修辭色彩的 - a system of moral standards or principles - a set of principles that people use to decide what is right and what is wrong N. 倫理 Also:ethical:與倫理有關, 民族的, 民族特有的 - a student of ethics, or a devotee of ethical ideals N. 倫理學家 NYT Fav indulge [ɪn'dʌldʒ] - to allow yourself to have or do something that you enjoy; to allow someone to do what they want or enjoy; to have or eat something that you enjoy but that you should not have much of - to become involved in something that people do not approve of V. 縱情,沉迷,沉溺 V. 放縱,發洩;沉溺 I must indulge my feelings; I so seldom have had an opportunity of doing so. 我得放縱一下我的感情;我難 得有機會這樣做。 NYT Fav explicate ['eksplɪ.keɪt] Barron Fav cynic ['sɪnɪk] Also:indulgence:放任 indulgent:縱容的 - to explain something, especially a literary text, in a detailed and formal way - to explain and develop an idea or theory and show its implications V. (詳盡地)解釋,說明,闡明 Also:inexplicable:無法說明的 explicable:可說明的, 可解釋的 - a member of a group of ancient Greek philosophers who believed that virtue is the only good and that the only means of achieving it is self-control. - somebody who believes that human actions are insincere and motivated by self-interest N. 好挖苦人的人,好嘲笑的人;玩世不恭的人,憤世嫉俗的人 N. 憤世嫉俗者,玩世不恭之徒;玩世不恭 Faber was cynic about the English. 費伯對英國的一切都看不上眼,簡直是一個憤世嫉俗者。 ADJ. 犬儒學派的 NYT Fav renovation Also:cynical:憤世嫉俗的 cynicism:犬儒主義, 玩世不恭, 冷嘲熱諷 - the action of renovating something N. 革新;更新,復壯 Also:novation:更新, 以新的代替 innovate:改革, 創新 novate:用新事物代替, 契約的代替(更新) NYT Fav innovator N. 革新者,改革者 NYT Fav rollingword.com 1 LIST 1 inscrutable [ɪn'skrutəb(ə)l] - if someone is inscrutable, it is impossible to understand what they are thinking or feeling from their expression or from what they say ADJ. 莫測高深的,不可思議的,費解的 ADJ. 不可思議的;不能理解 She regarded her with a look of inscrutable alarm and terror. 她帶著不可思議的驚訝和恐懼打量著她。 If a person or their expression is INSCRUTABLE, it is impossible for others to know their thoughts or feelings. Inscrutable people put on expressionless faces so that we cannot understand what is going on in their mind. `Inscrutable are the ways of destiny.` This means none can understand the ways of fate. John`s smile was inscrutable when he was told of his overseas posting. It was difficult, in fact, even impossible, to know whether he was happy about it or not. She remained inscrutable for a long moment when he proposed to her. He was unable to bear the suspense as her face indicated neither willingness nor rejection. He heaved a sigh of relief when he smiled and said, `yes.` Barron Fav NYT Fav redolent ['red(ə)lənt] Also:scrutable:可解讀的, 可以瞭解的 - suggestive or reminiscent of something - with a particular scent or odour ADJ. 令人想起[回憶、聯想到]…的 A person`s style of dressing is REDOLENT of the designs of his times, that is, it brings to your mind the style that is in fashion in his times. A person`s taste is redolent of the taste of his times if their taste is the same, as the majority taste of their times. The atmosphere is redolent with the smell of roses, if you feel a strong smell of roses in the air. The breeze near a garden is redolent with the smell of different flowers, if it is filled with the smell of different flowers. A bookshop is redolent with the smell of new books. The short stories and novels of Mark Twain are redolent with the life on the banks of the Mississippi. You read any novel of his and you are sure to get a very good picture of the life in the region in his days. As they approached the lonely beach, they found the air redolent with the smell of fish. As they wandered along it, they could not miss the smell. Barron Fav NYT Fav brutal ['brut(ə)l] Also:indolent:懶惰的, 不痛的 - extremely ruthless or cruel - unrelentingly harsh and severe ADJ. 獸(一樣)的,獸性的,肉欲的;殘忍的;不講理的,粗暴的 I uttered as little as possible against Linton, nor did I describe all his father's brutal conduct. 我盡可能少 說反對林頓的話;我也沒把他父親的獸性行為全描述出來。 Also:brutality:殘忍, 野蠻的行為 NYT Fav brutalism:野獸派藝術 brutalize:使...變得殘酷無情 - involving or emphasizing practical results rather than theories and ideas pragmatic [præɡ'mætɪk] ADJ. 實用主義的;愛管閒事;忙碌的 N. 〔廢語〕實務家,實際家 You are PRAGMATIC if you deal with problems in a practical and sensible manner rather than with the help of fixed ideas or theories. Being pragmatic is to be practical and to think of solving problems in a sensible manner rather than by going by ideals or principles. A statesman is pragmatic if in handling problems they go by their practical wisdom rather than rely on theories or principles. Being pragmatic, he goes more by his practical experience than by rules and theories; his leader, on the contrary, insists on being guided by ideals and principles. Without being pragmatic he gets involved in ideals and principles and that delays solutions to problems. Also:pragmatism:實用主義 Barron Fav NYT Fav judicial [dʒu'dɪʃ(ə)l] - relating to the judges and courts that are responsible for justice in a country or state; done by a judge or court; relating to the work of a judge - careful and serious ADJ. 司法的,審判上的 ADJ. 〔律〕司法,司法方面 Mrs. Brooker said she was 'bitter about the judicial system.' 布魯克太太說,她“對我們的司法制度恨透了。” Also:judicious:明智的 - to give formal approval or permission for something - to give public support to somebody or something, especially during an election NYT Fav endorse [ɪn'dɔrs] V. 支持,贊同,認可,答應……的要求 Parents heartily endorsed the plan for a school playground. 家長們熱心支持學校修建運動場的計畫。 When you ENDORSE someone`s opinion or statement, you support it openly. When you endorse a ban on the free sale of fire arms you openly support the measure. When you endorse a stricter punishment for a certain offense you support it. When you state in an advertisement that you use a particular product, you endorse it. You endorse a check if you sign on the back of it for withdrawing money. I do not endorse the view that forcible conversion of people into other faiths is a good practice. Most of the Governments in the world endorse the view that democracy and economic liberalization are necessary for the development of a country. Also:endorsement:背書, 簽注(檔), 認可 Barron Fav 2 NYT Fav rollingword.com LIST 1 appreciable [ə'priʃəb(ə)l] - large or important enough to be noticed ADJ. 明顯,顯著;可觀的;可覺察的;顯出聲勢 The ratio of domestic sewage to textile wastes has no appreciable effect on the treatability. 生 活 汙 水 與紡 織廢水的比例對處理能力無明顯影響。 Also:appreciation:感謝, 感激, 正確評價, 欣賞, 增值 NYT Fav contemplate ['kɑntəm.pleɪt] - to think about something as a possible course of action - to think about something seriously and at length, especially in order to understand it more fully V. 沉思,思考,考慮,揣測,默想 To have contemplated human life for forty years is the same as to have contemplated it for ten thousand years. 沉思40年人生與沉思一萬年人生沒有兩樣。 Also:contemplation:注視, 沉思, 預期, 企圖, 打算 NYT Fav assail [ə'seɪl] contemplative:沉思的, 冥想的, [宗]祈禱的 - to attack somebody vigorously with words or actions - to overwhelm the mind or senses of somebody V. 攻擊,襲擊 V. 攻擊,指(為) It made an enormous sacrifice for Arab nationalism, but it was assailed by the radicals then dominating the nationalist movement. 它為阿拉伯民族主義作出了巨大的犧牲,但卻遭到當時支配民族主義運動的,激進分子的攻擊。 To attack a person violently to cause hurt to them is to ASSAIL them. The attack may be physical or verbal. When you assail a person (verbally), you abuse them. Assailing consists in hitting a person very hard and repeatedly, to injure them or even to kill them. To argue against a proposal, policy, etc., and to condemn them is to assail them. Also, if you are worried, or disturbed, you are assailed by doubts and worries. When Peter, alone in the house, tried to resist the burglars, they assailed him and left him fatally injured and unconscious. The opposition assailed the new taxation policy as favoring the wealthy, and totally against the interest of the have-nots. Barron Fav NYT Fav exquisite ['ekskwɪzɪt] Also:assailant:攻擊者 unassailable:攻不破的 - very beautiful and delicate or intricate - perfect and delightful ADJ. 精緻的,精巧的,優美的,優雅的 N. 過分講究穿戴的人 NYT Fav renown [rɪ'naʊn] - widespread fame or honour - the state of being famous and admired for a special skill or achievement N. 聲譽,名望,聲望 V. 有…美名;家喻戶曉 In those times his courteous and talkative wife was renowned for her hospitality. 當時,他那位殷勤、健談 的女主人素有好客的美名。 Barron Fav NYT Fav tenable ['tenəb(ə)l] Also:renowned:有名的, 有聲譽的 - justified in a fair or rational way and able to be defended because there is sufficient evidence or reason - capable of being occupied or held, usually by a particular person or for a particular period of time ADJ. 說服力(的),站得住腳的 A deformable layer theory does not appear to be tenable in glass-reinforced composites. 變形層理論在 玻璃增強複合材料中說服力不強。 NYT Fav violate ['vaɪə.leɪt] Also:untenable:防守不住的, 站不住腳的, 不能維持的, 支援不住的 - to do something that is in opposition to a law, agreement, principle, etc. - to enter an area or place without permission V. 違反;侵犯 V. 違犯,違反,破壞 A principle is involved, a life-and-death principle which is repeatedly and thoughtlessly violated. 這 牽 涉 到一條原則,一條一再被無情地違犯的生死攸關的原則。 NYT Fav Also:violation:違反, 違背, 妨礙, 侵害, [體]違例, 強姦 rollingword.com inviolate:未褻瀆的, 無污點的, 未受侵犯的 3 LIST 1 truncate ['trʌŋ.keɪt] - to make something shorter, especially by removing the end or top of it V. 截斷,切割;減短 Sederholm regarded the Svecofennide belt as an older structure truncated by a younger Varelide belt. 塞德霍 爾姆認為斯維科芬褶皺帶本身為一老的構造,被比較年輕的卡累利褶皺帶所截斷。 ADJ. 截狀的 To TRUNCATE something is to cutting off the top of it, to shorten it. A truncated body is a headless human body. To truncate a report, article, etc., is to shorten them by cutting off some portion of it. As the editor found the report too long, he truncated it. He shortened it by cutting off some portions that he thought were unnecessary. Someone has truncated the pyramid and as a result it now appears without the top portion of it. With its top removed, it looks a bit ugly. Barron Fav negotiate [nə'ɡoʊʃi.eɪt] - to try to reach an agreement by discussing something in a formal way, especially in a business or political situation - to successfully travel on a road or path that is difficult to travel on or travel through; to successfully deal with something that is preventing you from achieving a goal V. 談判,會談,協商,商定,商談,洽談 The corporation president leads his companies contingent to negotiate a new strike issue. 總經理率領公 司代表團談判新的罷工問題。 Also:negotiator:談判代表 NYT Fav egotist ['iɡoʊtɪst] - somebody with an exaggerated sense of his or her own importance, especially somebody who tends to speak or write about himself or herself excessively - somebody who is selfish or self-centered N. 自大者 incumbent [ɪn'kʌmbənt] - holding an official position at the present time - someone who has an official position ADJ. 有義務的,成為責任的,義不容辭的 N. 在職者;現任者 N. 在職人員 This arrangement yields a wonderful gain to incumbents. 這種安排為在職人員提供了意外的得益。 It is INCUMBENT on a person to do something if they have to do it as a part of their duty. For example, it is incumbent on a mayor to attend to the civic needs of the people of his city, as it is for that that they are elected mayor. It is incumbent on the president of a country to safeguard the interests of his country. It is incumbent on a doctor to use his knowledge of medicine to save a patient that comes to them; after all, a doctor takes oath to serve the sick and the dying. It is incumbent on police officials to maintain law and order and check crime. That is a part if their duty. Barron Fav NYT Fav console ['kɑn.soʊl] Also:recumbent:靠著的, 斜躺著的, 不活動的, 休息的 - a desk, table, display, or keyboard onto which the controls of an electronic system or some other machine are fixed - a free-standing cabinet, especially one used to house a television or stereo system N. 控制台,控制板 The console is just like a typewriter. 控制台就像一台打字機。 V. 安慰,勸慰,使…感到自慰,撫慰…的心靈 Nothing could console her till the inward storm had had its way. 除了聽任她的內心風暴發作下去,任怎樣都安 慰不了她。 You CONSOLE a person in their sorrow, or disappointment, if you comfort them if, by your comforting words or actions, you lessen their sorrow or disappointment. If a person is in great sorrow, or is severely disappointed, their friends and relatives console them, by offering them their sympathy and help. Such actions or words are great comfort to the suffering. When Martha`s husband died in an accident, her friends and relatives did their best to console her, but she felt no comfort and her sorrow was not the less for quite a few days. A few words of sympathy from her best friend consoled Maria in the loss of her child, as no one else`s effort could. Her friend has such a knack for consoling people. Barron Fav NYT Fav captivate ['kæptɪ.veɪt] Also:consolation:(被)安慰, 起安慰作用的人或事物 - to attract and hold somebody's attention by charm or other pleasing or irresistible - to attract or interest someone very much V. 吸引,誘惑 Her beauty captivated many. 她的美貌吸引了許多人。 Barron Fav 4 NYT Fav disconsolate:孤獨的, 鬱鬱不樂的 Also:captivity:囚禁, 被關 rollingword.com features LIST 1 intolerable [ɪn'tɑlərəb(ə)l] - impossible to bear or deal with ADJ. 無法容忍,如坐針氈,不能容忍的,難以忍受的,叫人受不住,令人難以忍受 The conditions from which she had fled were intolerable, past speaking of, past believing. 她 逃 離 的 那 個 環境令人無法容忍,既不便說明又無法相信。 Also:intolerable:可容忍的, 可以的 tolerably:可容忍地, 可寬恕地 toleration:忍受 NYT Fav austere [ɔ'stɪr] - imposing or suggesting physical hardship - grimly unsmiling, humorless, or suggesting strict self-denial ADJ. 嚴格的,嚴厲的 ADJ. 嚴格的,非常嚴格;嚴刻 Finally there are to be noted the austere prose statements and arguments of the scientific literature as it was written by Aristotle. 最後要提到的是,亞里斯多德所寫的有關科學文獻中嚴格的、散文式的陳述和論證。 A house or any living place which is very simple and undecorated is said to be AUSTERE. A simple and plain living place which has little or no furniture is austere. The great statesman`s home was austere; that is, he lived in a simple home. An austere person is one who lives a simple life, and is strict and serious. Such persons are rather unapproachable too. If a person lives a very simple life with the minimum comforts, their way of living is austere. My father and his brother are exact opposites. While my father is austere, his brother takes things easy and loves to live in luxury. Having lived an austere life for decades, Jerry took time to adjust to living in the luxurious mansion he suddenly inherited from his uncle. Barron Fav NYT Fav luxuriant [lʌɡ'ʒʊriənt] Also:austerity:嚴峻, 嚴厲, 樸素, 節儉, 苦行 - luxuriant plants grow well and look very healthy; luxuriant hair is thick and healthy - extremely pleasant or comfortable ADJ. 繁茂的,十分茂密的;蒼鬱的,蓊蓊鬱鬱的 Such conditions foster the growth of the world's most luxuriant vegetation. 這種環境養育著世界上最繁茂 的植被。 Luxuriant hair is hair that grows strongly and thickly in an attractive way. Luxuriant hair, that is strong and thick hair is an aspect of beauty in a woman. So it is the wish of every woman to have LUXURIANT hair. A favorable climate promotes the luxuriant growth of plants; that is, in a favorable climate, plants grow strongly and thickly and are attractively green to look at. They appear fresh. The atmosphere of a place is luxuriant if it is very pleasant and favors the growth of a thing. Her luxuriant hair makes her look very attractive, though in the real sense of the word, she does not have much of beauty. The luxuriant greenery of the place makes it appear very beautiful and refreshing. One would love to spend hours and hours in the place because of the strong and thick growth of green plants all around. Barron Fav NYT Fav legitimate [lə'dʒɪtəmət] Also:luxurious:奢侈的, 豪華的 luxuriate:茂盛的生長, 生活奢侈, 沉溺 - allowed by the law, or correct according to the law - fair and reasonable ADJ. 合法的,正常的,正當的 ADJ. 合法的;合理的;正規的 In the sixty-year history of the state, it had never managed a legitimate, regular, succession of leadership. 在這個國家的六十年歷史中,它從來沒有合法的、正規的繼承領導權。 V. 使合法;認為正當;認為正統 N. 合法 Also:legitimize:宣佈合法化, 立為嫡嗣 NYT Fav frantic ['fræntɪk] - in a state in which it is impossible to keep feelings or behavior under control, usually through fear, worry, or frustration - characterized by great haste and excitement and a great deal of usually disorganized activity ADJ. 狂亂的;瘋狂的 ADJ. 瘋狂的,發瘋了 The look was far worse to resist than the frantic strain; only an idiot, however, would have succumbed now. 這眼神遠比那瘋狂的緊抱更難以抗拒;然而,現在只有白癡才會屈服。 When a person is FRANTIC they act in a hurry, because of worry, fear, anger, etc., doing something quickly and actively but not in an organized manner. A person is in a frantic state if they are unable to control their emotions because they are extremely worried or afraid of a situation. There is a frantic struggle for tickets for a show if people are in a hurry or anxious to get the tickets for the show. There is a frantic dash for safety if on seeing something fearful and dangerous, people run for safety. When someone`s behavior makes you angry they drive you frantic with anger. A child by its constant crying may drive you frantic, if it worries you. As tongues of flame rose from the building on fire following explosions, people around were frantic with fear and ran for safety. The frantic search for the old file made the office staff throw everything in the office helter-skelter, and as a result the office appeared to be in a big mess. Barron Fav NYT Fav rollingword.com 5 LIST 1 paradox ['perə.dɑks] - a person, thing, or situation that is strange because they have features or qualities that do not normally exist together - a statement consisting of two parts that seem to mean the opposite of each other, or the use of this kind of statement in writing N. 反面議論,反論,悖論;疑題 Was it a harmless paradox, intended to puzzle her? 這是不是一種並無惡意的反話,只是為了跟她故弄玄虛 呢? A PARADOX is a person, thing or situation which has two opposite features and therefore appears strange. It is a paradox if one who acts villains` roles in movies happens to be a very good person in reallife. `Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink,` - a situation in the middle of an ocean where you are without drinking water, is a good example of a paradox. Poverty amidst plenty is a paradox. A sentence in which opposite words are used is a paradox. `The surgeon has to be cruel in showing his tender concern for their patient,` is a sentence with a paradox in it. India strikes one as a land of paradoxes. It is a land of some of the richest people in the world, and also of the poorest in the world. It has renowned scientists and at the same time totally illiterate people. The statement that his handwriting is beautiful though illegible is an expression of a paradox. Barron Fav NYT Fav denounce [dɪ'naʊns] Also:paradoxical:荒謬的 - to criticize or condemn something publicly and harshly - to accuse somebody publicly of something such as disloyalty, or inform against somebody V. 指責,譴責;聲討,斥責 His rivals would denounce him as a bad example for the youth. 他的對手會譴責他是青年人的壞樣子。 When you DENOUNCE some aspect of the government`s policy, you openly condemn it; you disapprove of it. You criticize it strongly and openly. If you are opposed to the rising cost of medical treatment, and the increase in the medical insurance premiums, you denounce it, by e...
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