01-25-06 Hist105

01-25-06 Hist105 - Timeline English come to Americas 1492...

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Timeline – English come to Americas 1492 – Spain discovers the Americas 1517 – protestant reformation by martin luther 1529-32 – King Henry 8 establishes the Anglican church 1558 – Elizabeth becomes queen of England *English “sea dogs”begin intercepting Spanish ships traveling from Europe from Americas 1587-7 – English settlement in Roanoke 1588 – Spanish armada – spain loses its supremacy in Europe 1606 – King james 1 charters the Virginia company 1607 establishment of Jamestown. 1612 – John Rolfe begins cultivation of tobacco in Virginia. 1619 – first slaves imported into Virginia colony 1620 – separatist pilgrims establish Plymoth colony 1629 – Led by John Winthrop, Puritan colony at Mass. Bay founded. Changes in Europe during “Age of Discovery” Dramatic growth in population in Europe after the end of the Black Plague in the 14 th Century. Between 1450-1600 the pop. Of Europe increased from 50-60 million to 80 million In England, the best estimates fix the 1550 pop. At 2.5 mil. Increasing to 4 mil by 1603 If you were born into a certain class in England you would remain in that class. IF you were born without land you would probably not get it as it was all claimed already. Population pressure Frowth of urban centers throughout Europe. Tremendous pressure on agricultural resources to prduce enough to feed the growing population The desire for land , particularly in England, grew as more people were forced into urban centers. Most ppl wanted land so they could be self sustaining by farming for their family so that they didn’t have to work for some1 in the city where you could get fired
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01-25-06 Hist105 - Timeline English come to Americas 1492...

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