2-17-06 Hist105

2-17-06 Hist105 - Jeffersons background o Served as...

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Jefferson’s background o Served as governor of Virginia during the American Revolution ( Part of animosity with Hamilton.) o Jefferson was elected as a delegate from Virginia to the Second Continental Congress. o Soon thereafter, Jefferson was asked to serve on the five member panel to draft a Declaration of Independence. Jefferson returned to Virginia after drafting the Declaration. o Represented US in France during 1780’s. Did NOT participate in writing the Constitution. o Became first Secretary of State in 1789. Differences in Constitutional Interpretation o Should the central gov use all “Necessary” means to achieve its (virtuous) purpouses. o Alexander Hamilton believed in a more expansive use of government. o Or, should the central gov limit its actions to those specifically enumerated in the Constitution. o Thomas Jefferson originally advocated a more limited and constrained role for the gov. Jefferson – Strict Constructionist? o Jefferson believed that the gov must follow the Constitution. o He opposed the creation of the Bank of the US o Increasingly hostile to Hamilton’s ideas and efforts to strength the … Jefferson / Madison union o Thomas Jefferson worked within the Washington administration to thwart Alexander Hamilton’s plans. o
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2-17-06 Hist105 - Jeffersons background o Served as...

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