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ESC101 – Praxis I – 20129 Syllabus Rev. 1.0 [1/7] Praxis I Syllabus 1. Course Overview As the first course in the Praxis Design Sequence, Praxis I lays the foundation for future design courses in Engineering Science. This foundation includes common terminology, models and processes, necessary skills, and most importantly the Praxis Approach. Key features of this approach include: Encouraging students to explore and question activities and assignments; Exposing students to multiple conceptions of “engineering” and “design” so that students develop their own, individualized understanding of “engineering design” that guides their practice; Using multiple modes of communication and design to make and defend design decisions; Expecting students to explore alternate perspectives and approaches to the materials presented; Giving students responsibility for integrating theory and practice , supported by the Teaching Team. This approach has as core theoretical underpinnings the Perry Model of Intellectual and Ethical Development and the Kolb Learning Cycle. Students are encouraged to explore these models to better understand the philosophy of the Praxis Sequence and how to succeed in the various Praxis courses. Praxis I is divided into three sections based on three projects: 1. Device Design: Students work in teams to explore and analyze “engineering design” in the context of design decisions in household electro-mechanical systems. 2. Bridge Design: Students observe, analyze, and propose improvements to a City of Toronto bridge. Students learn the importance of engineering codes and standards. This project augments the CIV102 focus on the analytical aspects of bridge design with considerations of other engineering issues. 3. Product Design: Students engage in an engineering design sequence from problem formation to conceptual and detailed design. Students take on the roles of client, consultant, and design engineer. This sequence of activities lays the foundation for the term-long project in ESC102 Praxis II. 2. Teaching Team The Teaching Team in Praxis I integrates members from the Division of Engineering Science, the Engineering Communication Program (ECP). Lectures will be given primarily by the Course Instructors, while teams of Studio Instructors and Teaching Assistants will facilitate the studios. Course Instructors Mark Kortschot [email protected] Robert Irish (Course Coordinator) [email protected] Patricia Sheridan (Lead Teaching Assistant) (0T9 MIE) [email protected]
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