03-6-06 Hist105

03-6-06 Hist105 - Review o After war of 1812, leaders in...

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Review o After war of 1812, leaders in the US embrace idea of economic nationism o This sentiment began to breakdown in 1820s o John C. Calhoun’s transition from supporter of economic nationalist to now he’s a sectionalism Increasing Sectionalism, con’t o The South’s greatest fear – that the central gov will eventually end slavery. o Therefore, any measures that allowed the national gov to dictate policies within a state became anathema to southern representatives. Calhoun and the Nullification Crisis o 1828 – Calhoun writes Exposition and Protest as a statement against the Tariff of 1828. “Only those govs which provide checks on power which limit and restrain within proper bounds the power of the majority” have had a prolonged and happy existence. o The Nullification Crisis pushes Calhoun into an intense sectional position. Calhoun embraces sectionalism o Jackson supported the Tariff of 1828, because he blieved it was important for the national economy. Therefore, Calhoun is in opposition to his president. Calhoun eventually resigns as VP, and becomes a senator from South Carolina. o Calhoun emerges as an outspoken leader in the Nullification Crisis. So President Jackson and VP Calhoun had different opinions on the Tariff of 1828. Peggy Eaton, married cabinet member. Rumored that she and her husband were not married before they had a sexual relationship, and that she had not fully divorced her first husband when this happened. She was shunned in the political circle (by women).
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03-6-06 Hist105 - Review o After war of 1812, leaders in...

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