4-03-06 Hist105

4-03-06 Hist105 - Major themes between 1820-1850 o...

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Major themes between 1820-1850 o Industrial development in the North o Development of “King cotoon” in the south South frustrated by the lack of control over the distribution of cotton. Slave system of labor established – social as well as economic institution o Democratic party becomes the dominant political party in American politics o Americans moving west – manifest destiny and “transportation revolution” Slavery Statistics o 3.9 mil slaves in states in 1860 o States with most slaves – Virginia (490,000), Mississippi ( 436,000), South Carolina (402,000) o Value of a slave – male field slave purchased for $1,000 in 1860 would be worth $22,000 in 2003 dollars o By 1860, more capital invested in slaves than in all northern industry. “Positive Good” o Doctrine emerged in the southern states that slavery was “positive good” o Slaves “taken care of” by their owners. o They are not intelligent enough for other forms of labor. o Their “barbaric” (ie African) background meant that they were prone to violence. Cannot leave them unguarded or slave rebellions will occur Nat turner rebellion o Nat turner rebellion strengthened this fear. Turner had been the slave of a
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4-03-06 Hist105 - Major themes between 1820-1850 o...

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